It can be very easy to either ignore or simply forget to book your MOT in, we often leave ourselves calendar reminders or our garages are now getting in touch with us to remind us to schedule an MOT in. But do many of you realise just how vital your MOT is, it is not something you can simply miss. Here we tell you why you should have “book my MOT” at the top of your annual appointment list.

Why is my MOT so important?

Driving without an MOT certificate on your vehicle is extremely dangerous and can be damaging to your driving. So, for many of you drivers who may think it is okay to book your MOT test in a couple of weeks or months after it is due, need to understand the dangers of driving without an up to date MOT.

Many people are generally completely unaware of any of the rules that come with an MOT test, so it’s worth understanding the different consequences of not booking in for one, and why you should keep your MOT certificate up to date.

Your MOT test can be taken within 12 months from its previous one, so if you want to take it a couple of days or weeks early that is completely fine, however, should not be taken after 12 months have passed.

An MOT is an essential inspection of the vehicle to ensure that it is roadworthy, it means checking all of the parts of the vehicle and drive to make sure it meets the minimum road safety requirements. Your vehicle has to pass the MOT test in order for it to be legally driven, and the test has to be carried out by an authorised test centre.

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Consequences of not having an up to date MOT

As a legal obligation, you are not actually meant to drive your vehicle if it does not have an up to date MOT certificate, you can only drive your vehicle when the MOT has expired if you are taking to its MOT test. If you are stopped by the police on the way, then you will have to physically prove you are taking the vehicle to an MOT Testing centre in Milton Keynes.

If you are stopped by the police and do not have an appointment to attend nor a copy of your valid MOT certificate, then you could be in for some serious consequences. While you may be let off with just a warning depending on how expired your MOT is, you could also be in for a hefty fine. The penalty for not have an up to date MOT certificate is a fine of up to £1,000.

Unfortunately, that is only where it begins, if your car or van is seen as being unroadworthy, you could be in for more of your hard earned cash going to fines. Not only will you be fined up to £2,500 but you could also be in for 3 points on your licence especially if the car is in a dangerous condition.

If you have already got points on your licence, a little bit of damage on the vehicle which may deem it unsafe could lead to losing your licence for up to two years. This could be detrimental to your life, especially if you use your vehicle for work reasons or simple commuting.

You can find out more about the consequences of not having an MOT over on

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Is my insurance valid without an MOT?

In most cases, as soon as your MOT expires your insurance will no longer be valid. This means if you have an accident, you will not be covered by your insurance, which could cause a significant amount of financial loss. You will not only have to pay for your vehicle damage, but you will have to pay for the other vehicle along with any other charges that may come your way. We would like to mention it is also illegal for you to drive without your car insurance, if you are caught without insurance the fine is unlimited, you could also face disqualification from your driving along with 6 to 8 penalty points on your licence.

When does my vehicle need an MOT?

If you have bought your car second hand, the likelihood is you will need to book your car in for an MOT straight away. However, if your vehicle is less then three years old from the date it was made then you do not need one. The same MOT consequences still apply so if you are buying your vehicle second hand, make sure it has a valid MOT certificate or if the dealership will do one before you take it home.

What gets checked during an MOT?

All of the important parts of your vehicle get checked during an MOT, every approved MOT testing centre will have a list of specific requirements of what must be met. All of the approved MOT testing centres also have to put all the faults you may have with your vehicle into the government database.
To meet the legal standard, the following items are checked:

  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Clutch
  • Brakes
  • Tyres

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How long does my MOT take?

An MOT will generally take around an hour but in some cases can take a little longer. If you have a busy day make sure you contact your local car garage to book in as most will often offer a courtesy car, which means you can go about your day with no hassle.

Get your MOT booked in

If your car is in working condition and is deemed as roadworthy, then the likelihood is, your car will not cost you that much. However, do not be shocked if your car does have some repairs that need to be made. If you do have repairs, then you will have ten days to get it repaired before it needs retesting. Make sure your car is completely road safe with an up to date MOT before driving it anywhere.

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