A custom number plate is not a cheap investment; it can often cost a fair few pennies for a good quality number plate. There are a few things you must consider before you part with your cash. Taking the time to look at what your personal number plate may be like and what characters you want to make up your number plate is vital. The last thing you would want is your number plate to say something it should not.

Choosing the right custom number plate

If you are looking to purchase a personalised number plate, then one of the first thing you will need to consider is the budget you will need to set aside for it. Personalised number plates can be relatively expensive depending on what you are looking for. It can often be on demand as well if there is a high demand for a certain name or set of digits, then the price for this custom number plate will dramatically increase. Make sure you take time and consideration when coming up with a budget for your personalised number plate, you may find that your desired one is out of your budget range, this may mean compromising or waiting until you can afford it.


UK plates come in four different styles all of which will have a different prices tag, so this will be something you want to look out for when choosing your personalised number plate. Styles include:

  • Current Styles – AB12 ABC
  • Prefix Styles – A123 ABC
  • Suffix Styles – ABC A123
  • Dateless Styles – 1 ABC or ABC 1

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The dateless style tends to be the most expensive out of all of the styles and is often the one where buyers are not tempted by due to the hefty price tag. The reason they are so expensive is that the date of the vehicle is not openly displayed on the vehicles number plate as it is with many other number plates. These plates are often seen as highly desirable and are often bought by those who have a vast amount of money to splash on these sought of things.

We usually recommend going for either a suffix or prefix number plate, while it does still have the date within the plate it still allows you to get your message across. You can also be relatively quirky and unique with the numbers already on your plate to make your desired personal plates.

Take your time

When it comes to buying a personalised number plate, it can often be very exciting and once you have seen one you like you may be thinking of buying it straight away, but due to the cost we would recommend taking the time to deliberate over it. After all, it does go on the front and back of your vehicle and will most likely remain on the car until you either get a new number plate or car.

It is often best to pick a number plate that appeals to you in more ways than just the price tag. Choosing a number plate that suits your personality, or represents a moment in life is often an excellent place to start. Some people tend to purchase their number plates based on status appeal. However, this can often wear off over time which only means they have wasted a large amount of money. By choosing something that is slightly more sentimental means, it feels it is more value for money.

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Be open about your choice

Number plates can be very popular which means if you have already thought of the perfect combination which is potentially rather popular you may be a little disappointed. We always suggest being open with your choice, there are so many variations you can choose from, and we are sure you will find one after searching.

How do I buy a personalised number plate?

There are two different ways you can buy a personalised number plate either from a private seller on from a certified website such as AutoTrader. We would normally recommend purchasing from a certified website as it means you will receive all the relevant paperwork and it is often far less hassle. However, purchasing your number plate from a private seller is not a bad idea, you just have to make sure you have all the right paperwork for the DVLA otherwise your number plate will become worthless. By not having the right paperwork it can often severely delay the registration process, in some cases, the DVLA can refuse to accept your registration. For more information on how to register your personalised number plate, we recommend taking a look at the DVLA website.

If you are purchasing a number plate that has been in use, then you will need to make sure you obtain a V750 document. If your number plate has been bought on retainer, then you will need to make sure you retain a V778 retention document. Both of which have to be signed by the person who is named on the document. The seller of the number plate is also meant to send off a V5C which authorises the sale of the number plate. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they receive all the MOT testing documentation along with all other paperwork.

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Never try to make your vehicle look newer

The DVLA does not approve of any persons trying to make their vehicle appear younger then it is. They can often refuse registrations, so we always recommend trying to stay as clear from this as possible. Its always best to remain with the numbers already on your registration, or you can use numbers which will appear to make your car older.

Chossing a number plate

Choosing your number plate can be a little time consuming, but the wait is often worth it. Do not forget to set yourself a budget when it comes to your personalised number plate. You should also keep your mind open and be ready to look at a range of options before deciding on the final plate.

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