When it comes to buying a vehicle, we will often spend hours deliberating over which one to get based on the safety features. So, why is it when it comes to car repairs that may be relatively vital to running of the car we choose to skimp on them or go for a budget version? Many of us make the decision to go for the cheaper option as we do not believe in spending the money, but are we doing it all wrong? Here we tell you which car repairs are essential and ones you most definitely should not skimp on.

Car Repairs

Your car needs to be road worthy for you to be able to drive it safely on the road. By keeping on top of repairs and scheduled maintenance you can ensure your car does not need too much money spent on it and it will also increase the longevity of the vehicle.


It can be argued that the brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. You should pay a great deal of attention to your brakes, for example, if you ever feel that they are not performing to their full potential then you should have them checked. Alternatively, if you can notice a slight noise whenever you brake, you should also take it the garage to be seen to as this can also indicate there is an issue with your brakes. You should never leave your brakes if you believe there to be an issue with them. Not only would you be putting yourself at risk but also those around you.

To be able to drive safe you need to ensure your brakes are in good condition. Unfortunately, if you do drive your vehicle a lot, they will tend to wear quicker which may mean you need them repairing more frequently in comparison to others. We always inform our customers to never skimp on their brakes as they have to be confident the car will stop.

car brakes


Tyres are another thing you must be on top of as you want enough traction between your car and the road. Having the right tread on your tyres can be the ultimatum to whether you can stop in time and also the safety of your vehicle. The weather can play a massive role in how well your tyres work, during the colder months you will want a lot more tread on your tyres. The minimum you are legally allowed is 1.6mm however it is often recommended to have 3mm in the winter, as it can be much more difficult to drive on snow and ice with minimal tread.

When it comes to tyres, you may feel as though they are tad expensive especially if you are having to replace all four of them. However, we definitely believe this is one car repair you should not skimp on. Budget tyres are not always made well and can often be slimmer than your average tyre.

Premium tyres

Tyres often fall into three categories, which are premium, mid-range or budget. Most premium tyres come from the likes of more reputable and recognised brands such as Dunlop, Pirelli and Continental. All of which use high-quality products to make their tyres, these tyres are also often built for specific purposes such as race track dricing or even specific weather conditions.

stacked tyres

Mid-Range tyres

Those who make the premium tyres produce many of the mid-range tyres. The difference between the two is merely some of the materials they use, most of the methods to make the tyres are still the same.

Budget tyres

Budget tyres tend to be made by brands that are not as well known and will often use materials that are not as high-quality; this is also represented in the manufacturing process. Which is the main reason to why many of them are much cheaper than the more well-known brands? We would like to mention however budget tyres still do have to meet specific safety regulations which can assure you that if you currently have budget tyres then not to worry too much.

Choosing the right tyre

When it comes to budget cars, you will soon notice that your car will not perform as well as it can. They can also have a dramatic effect on your fuel economy which could see a massive increase. The reason we recommend our clients to purchase more expensive tyres is not that we receive the money for them, but because the tyres have been manufactured in a certain way. Pricier tyres are made with precision, normally including the involvement of chemists and there specific formulas which ensure optimum safety on the road.


Wipers are only a small part of your car, however, if not working to their full potentially, can cause a real hindrance to the safety of you and your passengers. Wipers are often another part of the car where people look to save money. Many people do not understand the difference between good quality wipers and cheaper ones.

If you have ever been stuck in very heavy rain while taking your journey, you will understand it can be harder to drive as your visibility becomes very poor. With cheap wipers, they can often become worn quicker and are also less likely to clear the water or dirt as quickly as you may like. Spending that little bit extra on windscreen wipers can mean you and other road users safety is increased.



While a service is not necessarily a repair, we always recommend you have one. Many road users do not realise how vital car servicing actually is, when you take your car in for a service you normally dread the almighty bill you are about to receive for repairs. When it comes to taking your car for a service, we always recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable garage. We hear to often of people taking their cars for services to be charged an absolute fortune for repairs that do not need to be made.

Do not let this put you off taking your car for a service, the reason why they are so beneficial is they can often detect a potential problem before it becomes too severe. It means that in the long run, your car will not end up costing you as much.

Why not to skimp on car repairs

Ensuring your car is safe is one of your main priorities, so when it comes to certain repairs, we always recommend simply paying the money to get them done. At the end of the day, these small repairs will often save you from having to spend thousands of pounds down the line. Not to mention these repairs also improve your safety!

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