Buying your first car is both thrilling and exciting! However many of us do not want to spend that much money on our first car because let’s face it we are not going to be the best drivers on the road, and we may be prone to a little bump or scratch here and there. So here at Ben and Lenny’s, we are going to tell you how can I make my first car last.

Making the most out of my first car!

Insurance is one of the first things you are going to think about as soon as you have picked your car up. Looking for the right insurance is a tricky task, but we always recommend if at all possible putting a parent with no claims or points on their licence is on your insurance to bring the price down. Another thing to think about is the speed you are driving and whether you use your mobile. If you are caught speeding or using a mobile, your insurance policy could significantly increase.


One of the most important things you need to think about when you have purchased your new car is keeping it up to date with all servicing and MOT. A service is often lefts to the back of a young drivers mind, and we understand that you have just spend a fortune on the car and insurance, but you want the car to be as safe as possible so taking it for car servicing will do it the world of good. A good servicing centre will pick up on any issue the vehicle may have an also give it a full once-over, so you know when you have driven it away it is a safe vehicle to drive.

Man Performing Car Service


Many young people tend to purchase expensive cars and then find that they actually cant afford the fuel. But the damage you can cause by leaving the fuel low can be more costly than the actual fuel. Firstly, your fuel gauge is not always accurate, so your fuel could potentially be lower than you think it is. It can also be dangerous for the driver as you may be unable to stop in a safe place, you could also be left stranded with nothing around you which let’s face it is less than ideal.

A few tips we think you should follow:

  • Never let your tank go below 1/4 full
  • If you know you’re going on a long journey fill up before you leave as you might not be able to stop anywhere
  • Don’t rely on your fuel gauge to tell you how many miles you have left, this can reduce quicker depending on your driving style
  • Alternate between higher priced and cheaper fuel options, if you are using the same fuel all the time, this can be bad for your car internally

Fuel Light


Another expense people tend to forget about is the cost of your car tyres, depending on how many you need replacing will depend on how much you will be paying out. If you want to reduce the number of times, you need to change your tyres we recommend taking extra care of the way your drive. If you tend to your tyres with regular maintenance and gentle driving you could be getting a minimum of 20,000 miles out of your front tyres and roughly around twice that for rear wheel tyres.

A few maintenance tips you can carry out at home:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly – you can get a tyre pressure gauge from RS-Online which allows you to check them every few thousand miles
  • Check your tread – it should not be below 1.6mm, if your wheel alignment is incorrect this could significantly effect your tyre wear
  • Drive gently – make sure you’re not braking hard or cornering

Warning lights

As a young driver, you are more prone to ignore your engine or car warning lights. We have all done it in our lifetime. However, this can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. Warning lights are there to tell you that something is wrong with your vehicle that needs attention.

Some people still don’t know the difference between what the colours of your warning lights mean. A red warning light indicates there is a potential danger to yourself if it is not fixed and is more of a serious problem or safety issue. This will often inform you that you need to go and see a mechanic. Alternatively, it can also act as a reminder to tell you service maintenance is running low such as oil pressure. A yellow or orange warning light activates it means a component needs replacing or servicing. Green or blue warning lights are there to inform the driver that their system is active and operating.

Engine warning lights

Wash your car

A common occurrence with young drivers is the state of their vehicles if you want to get the most out of your car and increase the overall longevity of the vehicle one of the best things you can do is regularly clean your vehicle both inside and out. If you have bird poo or it has rained a lot recently you the acid and chemicals can eat away at your paint causing cracking and fading, so it’s important you clean the exterior and give it some tender loving care. When it comes to the inside, if the car is not cleaned regularly the smell can stick to the upholstery inside the vehicle causing it to have a long lasting smell.

Man cleaning Car


You can make the most your if your first vehicle by simply following these steps. We understand when you buy your first car all you want to do is drive it and take your friends out. But by taking care of your car, you can potentially sell it for a decent amount, and it can also reduce the running cost of the vehicle.

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