A lot of car owners only become conscious of the value of their car when it comes to selling it however we always recommend that you continuously consider the value of your vehicle and how you can retain it. Cars don’t lose value quickly, while everyone knows once your drive the car of the forecourt it loses value thereafter its normally down to the love and cares the vehicle has received while being owned. Here we are going to discuss how to boost your car value and hopefully help you sell your car in the future.

How to boost your car value

Vehicle depreciation will always be a factor when buying a car; most car owners know that at some point your car will reduce in price and by the time it comes to selling it you’re lucky to get two-thirds of what you paid for it. There are a few things you should consider to help maintain the value of your car and potentially boost it when it comes to resale.

Car garage or cover

When possible we always recommend having your car parked in a garage or situated under a car cover. The British temperature can be extremely unpredictable and sometimes temperamental. Unfortunately, due to constant temperature changes and rain, cars can rust a lot easier if scratches are not attended to. Storm Car Covers provide a range of car covers for most car brands, so if you find yourself not being able to park in a garage or under cover we suggest purchasing one.

Car going into Garage

Regular service

You might hear this often, but it is always important for you to take your car in for a car servicing. Keep all maintenance and repair records were possible as this will give you a great advantage when selling the car. Not only does having your car serviced regularly to reduce the amount you’ll be spending in repairs and replacements but you will also be able to show a potential buyer that you cared for the vehicle, you might find that your car is easier to sell if you can prove you have had it routinely serviced.

Minimal smoking and eating

There is nothing worse than going to buy a car and have it smelling of smoke or rotting food. No one wants that when purchasing a vehicle, so keep the interior of your car as pristine as possible. While this isn’t always possible when you have children make sure to have your car cleaned on a regular basis.

Man Eating in Car

Clean our vehicle regularly

We previously mentioned that you should have the interior of your car cleaned regularly, but you should realistically have the whole car cleaned at least once a month by a professional cleaning crew. Dust, fluff and dirt can easily accumulate when getting in and out of the car, often this can be unnoticed, not only does this make your car look cleaner and tidier but its also much better for your health. By having your car cleaned you are less likely to have stains on carpets and upholstery.

There is nothing worse than getting into a car that has stains all over the upholstery; it just makes it look like the car is not cared for. There are a few things you can do if you feel your children or pets are prone to staining the interior of your car. Orvis provides a range of products that allow you to turn the back of your car into a comfort zone for your pet but also protects the back of your vehicle. Your other option is to make sure you always have upholstery cleaner at the ready, Halfords provides one of the best upholstery cleaners on the market.

Change oil regularly

Ensure your car has regular oil changes, it is one of the key components that make your car run. By changing regularly, the vehicle engine is more healthy and can prevent any problems in the long run.

Oil Change

Repair any unusual engine noises

Don’t leave any repairs, leaving repairs or unusual engine noises can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It can also cost you an absolute fortune trying to replace them rather than simply having them looked over.

Wax your car a few times a year

Ensure you wax your car throughout regular periods in the year, not only will it protect the surface but it will also help maintain the colour. The exterior of your car is one of the first things a buyer will notice, so it’s important to keep it as pristine as possible.

Man Waxing Car

Drive it easy

It can be tempting to drive your car fast on motorways and rag around the city, but this can cause damage to your car. If you are taking sharp turns, sudden stops and rough parking jobs you might find that you are speeding up the wear and tear process of your vehicle.

Keep mileage to a minimum

Milage is a huge factor in the value of your vehicle, the more miles your car has, the less you will get for it. Where possible take public transport, carpool or go carless a few days a month.


These few steps will help you to ensure your car is ready to be sold. Not only will it hold the value but it will also make it easier for you to sell the vehicle. Potential buyers will be looking out for the exterior and interior detailing, mileage and service history. Make sure to keep a log of any repairs you have on the vehicle; all can be important in proving you’ve had repairs done. Drive with ease and watch your mileage, don’t travel long distances unless you really need to.

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