During the winter, as the days get colder and darker, everyone becomes increasingly more dependent on driving. As a whole, of course, we are going to pick driving to our destination in a warm winter car over facing the cold and choosing to walk instead. The journey will be quicker, more comfortable and just a more enjoyable experience, so why wouldn’t you want to drive?

Why Have A Winter Car Survival Kit

The luxury of being able to drive in the winter, unfortunately, means you will need to do a little more preparation in comparison to what you would do during the earlier months of the year. Preparing your car in the correct ways is crucial to ensuring that you avoid as many issues as possible and can have a stress free car during the build-up to Christmas. Our winter car survival kit will talk you through the three essential tips to follow to get yourself and your car ready for winter.

Tip 1: Service Your Car

car raised up ready for servicing
The first tip for your winter car is an aspect that should be done annually for the upkeep of your vehicle no matter the weather conditions. However, servicing your vehicle has particular importance during the winter months and should preferably be done before this time of the year. Having your vehicle serviced annually is vital for not only your car but also you as the car owner. It gives you peace of mind that you are of upmost safety in the car that you rely on every day to get you from point A to B. The last thing you want is to break down or come across a problem during the winter that will result in you being stuck for hours on end waiting around for recovery.

Not only do you not want to run the risk of a problem, but also in the event of a breakdown, you are likely to be faced with a massive repairs fees. Having to pay out a large sum of money for repairs is always going to be a worrying thought, but this is even more of an issue around Christmas time when saving money is essential.

During your car service, several different aspects are checked including your tyres and tyre pressure, as well as a top-up of fluids. These are fundamental in the winter months, and if you are getting your car serviced near to winter, it is always a good suggestion to ask them to fit winter tyres for you. Winter tyres are different to your standard tyres as they have a specific tread pattern that is designed to grip to the road better in the snow, ice and wet conditions. Winter tyres can be purchased at KwikFit, their online service allows you to enter your number plate and they will find tyres to match your vehicle.

The price of your car service in Milton Keynes will very much depend on how many checks need to be done, but will most likely cost you anywhere between £29 and £129.

Tip 2: Essentials In Case You Get Stuck

man shovelling snow next to a car

Torch or Flash Light

Having some form of torch or flashlight is always handy to have in your car at any time of the year. A source of light is essential in the winter months as the majority of people use their vehicle as transport to and from work, they leave the house in the dark and return home in the dark. Light will be needed in the case of any emergency, for example when a tyre needs changing or to look under the bonnet. If you have a flashlight, it can even be used to signal for help in the dark from other drivers or to make people aware of your presence.


Any shovel should be kept in your car in winter. However, a foldable shovel would be more efficient to save space. Although being in the UK means it is less likely that your vehicle will get snowed in, there is still the chance that it could get stuck. A shovel will help to remove the snow or ice from around your car and can be used to spread grit around the wheels. It can also be used as a ramp if you get stuck.

Spare Tyre

When you purchase your car, many dealerships will provide you with a spare tyre, but if this isn’t the case, it is recommended to buy one to keep in your boot and know how to change it. Flat tyres are a common problem, and in the unlikely event that this happens to you, it would be so much easier to be able to solve the problem yourself, instead of having to wait in the cold for assistance.

Tip 3: Keeping Yourself Safe

first aid kit bag

First Aid Kit

Ensuring that you have a basic first aid kit in your car is always a good idea because you never know what may happen during a journey and there is not always necessarily a place to stop off for help. Plasters of different sizes and shapes will always come in handy, as well as sterile gauze dressings along with scissors and safety pins. The NHS basic first aid checklist would be a good source of information if you wanted to know exactly what you should include. If you didn’t want to make your first aid kit, many different retailers sell full kits, in particular, firstaid.co.uk, who sell many different types of kits specific for your vehicle type.

Something To Keep You Warm

In the boot of your car, you should always have something extra for warmth; this can be blankets, a jacket or some warm clothing. If you break down during winter, it may take assistance longer to get to you due to dangerous weather conditions. You want to make sure you are kept warm, and if your car has broken down it is likely that you will be unable to use the heating, so it is always good to have a backup. Blankets, jackets etc., can also be used for warmth if there is an accident and someone is suffering from shock.


Winter and the build-up to Christmas is a time of year that you want to enjoy to the fullest and lower the risks of any problems occurring. Preparation is critical and following our three tips for a winter car survival kit will help to achieve this. Your car never has to be an issue and preparing for the change in weather in advance will always work towards your advantage, the same as you would prepare for any other yearly changes. Servicing your car is a job that has to be followed through annually no matter what happens, so it is always easier to time your car service in Milton Keynes well, so you are covered and safe for winter. Tip two and tip three are more to cover yourself in case of emergency, and once they are purchased and in your car, you won’t have to worry about stocking up in the following years.

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