Car lovers everywhere enjoy customising their vehicles and making them unique so it’s no surprise that BMW accessory fitting services are becoming more and more popular.

On the whole, BMW vehicles are a popular choice amongst young petrol heads as they are so heavily recommended by TV shows such as Top Gear, Fifth Gear and other likeminded educational features on terrestrial television.

There are a few BMW accessories that have become increasingly popular for motorists and in this article we’re going to break them down in further detail and see how they can benefit both the car and driver.

Why Add to Your BMW

As with a lot of things, updating or adding to a particular item is usually completed to add value and the same goes for upgrading cars. However, with BMW in particular, it’s important to add the right accessory.

Failing to do so could impact the value negatively.

Those involved with track day racing tend to add vinyl’s and performance stickers to their vehicles. These are popular for short-term changes but should be removed when it comes to selling the vehicle on.

BMW Wheel Upgrade

Common BMW Accessory Fitting Procedures

The most common BMW accessories added to a vehicle are usually performance related. Installing extras such as:

  • Steering Wheels
  • Exhausts
  • Brake Discs
  • Alloys & Spokes
  • Track Fixings

These simple tweaks may seem small but can add a lot to a car lover that is looking to make a long-term purchase, specifically for a BMW, as some additional extras can be extremely expensive when brought separately.

Steering Wheels and Columns

There are lots of steering wheels available to BMW vehicles. However, there are significantly more available for the M-Powered vehicles that include Carbon, Leather and Open Pore Carbon covers.

If you’re planning to replace the entire steering column its best you use a BMW service centre in Milton Keynes.

Not only can they service the specific BMW model but install genuine parts created only for BMW M-Powered vehicles.

Exhaust Fitting

BMW exhausts are a common vehicle upgrade for car lovers and real petrol heads. Some prefer to fit mufflers and tailpipe trims whereas others prefer to go for loud and proud exhaust systems.

The genuine BMW exhausts allow drivers to make a real statement and the carbon based systems tend to provide a real powerful appearance. If purchased from a recognised BMW genuine parts dealer, the tailpipe will come with a BMW embossed logo.

Grey BMW

Brake Discs

Standard brake discs can seem a little bland for some car owners. That’s exactly why some BMW owners prefer to have ventilated discs installed on their cars.

High performance brake discs such as M-Powered products tend to provide better ventilation between the pads and discs allowing them to perform better at higher speeds.

This tends to be perfectly suited to vehicles on track events or race calendars. If you need to have a new M-Powered exhaust fitted, go to a BMW exhaust fitting station.

Alloys & Spokes

Alloys are a hugely popular area for BMW owners to upgrade. Some prefer to carry out the upgrades themselves using BMW alloy wheel spray paints whereas others prefer to invest in genuine BMW spokes and trim.

Genuine parts can be very expensive ranging anywhere between £400-£2500 without installation!

Track Fixings

Track day preparation and fixed cameras are often added to cars associated with racing competitions or track events. They allow the racing teams to analyse driver performance and techniques, creating plans for better performances the next time round.

A popular addition is the Go-Pro fixing joint that can be applied to the front bumper of most BMW models.

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