As more and more people learn to drive it’s only natural that cars will become more fragile. The importance of car garages and repair technicians will only grow.

To help you gain a better understanding, we have listed some of the most common car faults and how you can resolve the issues that come with them. Of course, as with any vehicle repair there are costs involved – these will depend on the vehicles age, model and parts.

Rear of White Car After Repairs

The Most Common Faults Searched on Google

To help us with our research we looked into Google’s Search Trends to see what repairs people searched for most. As a car repair centre, some of the results where a little surprising but the most common were exactly what we expected really.

The following search terms were as follows:

  • Car Servicing – 10k – 100k searches
  • Car Body Repairs – 1k – 10k searches
  • Car MOT – 1k – 10k searches
  • Car Diagnostics – 1k – 10k searches
  • Exhaust Repair – 1k – 10k searches

All of the above was found using the search results from 2016.

Car Servicing

Should you need a car service Milton Keynes, you can book an appointment with one of our servicing technicians. They provide interim and full vehicle services on a weekly basis.

Car Body Repairs

Not all garages are able to perform car body repairs. Traditional garages are more likely to specialise in the repair and refurbishment of internal components such as the engine or even exhaust fitting Milton Keynes.

In order to get your cars body work fixed (this could be bumpers, doors, dents and even scratches) you will need to see someone that specialises in car body repairs.


It’s no surprise that MOT testing is one of the most common search terms on the web for local businesses. By law, cars need to have a valid MOT pass certificate. Without one, the vehicle may be taken off the road and the driver could have serious consequences to deal with. Book an MOT Milton Keynes here.

Car Diagnostics

A car can sometimes develop a technical fault. These tend to be more common on newer vehicles with a wider range of technical advancements built into the car. Vehicles that contain on-board computers and navigation systems are subject to diagnostic faults.

You can book a diagnostic on a car in Milton Keynes with Ben and Lenny’s.

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