MOT Testing on Car

If you have a vehicle that is registered in the UK, then you will need to ensure that is has an MOT test completed on a regular basis. However, in some scenarios, an MOT test is not always required on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Throughout this article we will go through absolutely everything that you need to know about vehicle MOT testing, covering subjects that include all of the following:

Important Points to Know for MOT Testing

  • Checking your vehicles MOT status
  • MOT testing costs and fees
  • Where to get an MOT test
  • When to get an MOT

A number of my colleagues here at Ben & Lenny’s have been providing MOT testing in Milton Keynes for many years. We are an established testing station so you can be reassured of our mechanical abilities and knowledge.

How to Check Your Vehicles MOT Status

If you have never needed to check a vehicles MOT status before – let us show you how easy it is. There are a number of free tools and checkers that you can use to see when a vehicle last had an MOT completed.

However, the best and most reliable source is the MOT status checker on the government website. They receive updates directly from the DVLA and store the most recent information about a specific vehicle.

To check a vehicle’s MOT status simply follow these basic steps:

  • Go to
  • Click the start button and fill in the information about your vehicle. You will need to know the vehicles registration number and manufacturer
  • Once you have submitted these details you will be able to see when the vehicle was last tested and when any tax is due

How Much Does an MOT Cost?

MOT testing can vary in price, depending on the garage that you choose to complete the work and the category of vehicle that is due to be tested.

However, did you know that MOT testing stations could only charge a certain amount for an MOT? For example the maximum that a garage can charge for an MOT on a Motorcycle with a maximum engine capacity of 200cc is £29.65 and the most that a garage can charge for a car (with a maximum of 8 passenger seats) is £54.85.

To get an idea of MOT prices in our area we made some enquiries. Based on three quotes from three different companies, the average MOT fee was £34.99 for a standard car. In most cases a standard MOT for a car will cost between £30 and £40.

Where Can I Get an MOT Test?

Whenever you have an MOT completed on your vehicle, it needs to be done by a recognised garage and qualified testing station. If you are new to an area and are a little unsure of the local garages, look for this logo.

This shows that the garage is a recognised testing station.

MOT Testing Station Logo

When Do I Need an MOT?

You should have an MOT completed on your vehicle annually. The tests are completed to ensure that the vehicle is in safe, working order. The engine, lighting and general usability of the vehicle is always tested in great detail.

However, as we mentioned on the introduction, not every vehicle will need an MOT every year. If you own a vehicle that is less than 3 years old, it will not need an MOT until the third year since its build.

Use the MOT status checker to confirm when your vehicle was first registered – you can then look to book an MOT 3 years from that date.


It’s important to check the status of your vehicles MOT, even if you have recently purchased the vehicle. Use the government’s free MOT status checker to find out when your vehicle was last checked.

MOT’s will vary in price depending on the vehicle category and garage. However, garages must stick to a set price list. There is a maximum charge that garages can apply per vehicle. See the maximum MOT cost list here.

Whenever you have an MOT completed, it must be done so by a confirmed MOT testing station. Failing to have your vehicle checked by an approved body could result in vehicle damages and fatal accidents.

Your vehicle will need to have an MOT completed every 12 months unless it is less than 3 years of age. Only vehicles that are over 3 years old need an annual test.

Where To Book an MOT

Ben & Lenny’s are an established car garage and MOT testing centre. You can book an MOT in Milton Keynes and arrange for a free collection and delivery service, allowing you to carry on with your day with minimal disruption.

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