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Four-Wheel Alignment Correction

Incorrect wheel alignment can be extremely dangerous and should be corrected as soon as you notice it or think that it could do with assessing. There are a few common symptoms of incorrect alignment that you can look for. These usually include the following:

  • Excessive Tyre Wear
  • More Frequent Fuel Stops
  • Handling Differences
  • Ride Quality Decreases

The alignment on your car can be knocked out of position when you hit a kerb at a certain speed, hit a pothole or due to excessive wear to internal components such as suspension or steering. We use our four-wheel alignment in Milton Keynes to have this corrected.

Our Wheel Alignment Solutions

Alignment & Tracking Correction

Our wheel alignment in Milton Keynes uses four-wheel alignment to correct the tracking on your vehicles.

Latest Alignment Software

We use the latest alignment and tracking software to ensure that your tyres are realigned as per manufacturer settings.

Improves Car Usability

Once corrected – the alignment could save you money on fuel, tyre replacements and improve general usability.

Thoughts of a Previous Customer

"Booked in to get my alignment checked after I clipped a kerb pulling into my street. Turns out it all needed realigning. Ben & Lenny’s had it all completed within 30 minutes while I waited in the reception area."

Malcolm Morrison

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