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Signs That You Need a New Exhaust Fitting

The exhaust system in a car is designed to take hazard gasses produced by the vehicle away from travelling passengers inside the car. If the exhaust system is faulty, the fumes can become extremely dangerous and lead to casualties and fatalities. We provide exhaust fitting in Milton Keynes to ensure that systems are operating correctly, transporting gasses away from the car.

Our exhaust replacements in Milton Keynes include the management and installation of every part associated with the exhaust system. This includes the tailpipe, flange, catalytic converter, muffler, resonance chamber and resonator itself.

You will soon know if you need an exhaust replacement in Milton Keynes because there are a number of recognisable symptoms that you can easily identify. These may include:

  • Loud roaring noises coming from the car
  • Hissing noises or chugging sounds
  • Rattling from the underside of the vehicle
  • Rust build up

Why Our Exhaust Fitting Service Is Best


Same Day Fitting

We can complete your exhaust installation in Milton Keynes the day it arrives with us.


Over 25 Years Experience

Our mechanics have a combined 25 years experience – leaving your vehicle in safe hands.


Leading Exhaust Systems Available

We stock and have access to the leading manufacturers of car exhaust systems and parts.

Thoughts of a Previous Customer

"Have been using Ben & Lenny’s for years. My old exhaust system was corroding and needed replacing. They had it sorted in no time. Always happy to recommend them."

Andy Redley

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