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Nobody ever wants to worry about the reliability of their car. If you have a warning light that has appeared on your dashboard – we suggest that you get it booked into a garage and checked out sooner rather than later. We can provide a diagnostic on a car in Milton Keynes to identify the cause of any warning lights, providing a number of cost effective repair services to have it put right.

Warning lights, as a rule, generally start to show when there is a fault within the vehicle and one of its main components. Unfortunately, they can be quite vague, even after looking at what each symbol means in your drivers handbook. Our car diagnostics in Milton Keynes using specialised testing software, allowing us to identify the cause and the exact location of the fault within the car.

Based on these diagnostic results, we will be able to provide you with a free estimate for the necessary repairs. In some cases, after we have completed the diagnostic on a car we may even be able to repair it the same day. Many diagnostic faults can be identified through a detailed MOT Milton Keynes.

The Benefits of Car Diagnostics

Easily Identify Component Faults

Using our up to date diagnostic testing software, we are easily able to identify problems and provide a repair.

Completed by Local Mechanics

Our local mechanics can easily complete a diagnostic on a car in Milton Keynes with little fuss and easily get you going again.

Performed on All Models

We are able to complete all of our car diagnostics in Milton Keynes on any vehicle model, providing it is UK registered.

Thoughts of a Previous Customer

"The engine warning light appeared when I was going to collect my daughter from school. I took my car into Ben & Lenny’s the next morning and they looked at it the same day. They did some testing and found that there was a small problem with the engine and the oil pump. They quickly got an estimate together for me and I had it back within a couple of days."

Ashleigh Robertson

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