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Low Cost Clutch Replacements

There are a few common tell-tale signs that could signal that you need to book in for a clutch replacement in Milton Keynes. The two most common symptoms of clutch repairs include the following:

  • Clutch Noise
  • Burning Smells

First things first. If you can smell something burning, stop the car safely and check everything over. If the smell resembles burning rubber, this could indicate that the clutch is in need of a repair. Common clutch repairs in Milton Keynes include:

  • Broken transmission mounts
  • Misaligned chassis and drive trains
  • Worn or damaged CV joints
  • Loose transmission
  • Broken springs
  • Faulty release forks

Our Clutch Replacement and Repair Services

Easy Access to Clutch Parts

As a clutch repair is a fairly common repair, we are able to source the parts easily and have them available with a day or two.

Experienced Clutch Repair Mechanics

We complete clutch replacements in Milton Keynes every week. We are heavily experienced in this field and have helped more than 100 customers.

Repairs and Replacements

We will do what we can to repair your clutch for you. However, if need be, we are able to provide a full clutch replacement when required.

Thoughts from a Previous Customer

"Needed the clutch replaced on my car. The car was approximately 10 years old and had never really had a proper repair completed besides this. The repairs were completed in a couple of days and my car runs perfectly."

Jack O'Toole

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