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Cheap Brake Pad Replacements

We can carry out brake pad replacements in Milton Keynes for most vehicles. We can order the exact parts needed directly to our garage here in Milton Keynes prior to your arrival so there is no waiting around for days on end, waiting for your repairs.

Brake Disc Replacements & Fitting

Just like our pad replacements, we can order your exact parts into our garage prior to your arrival/appointment with us. We can then provide a full brake disc replacement in Milton Keynes to ensure that your vehicles braking system is 100% reliable.

Our Car Brake Services at Ben & Lenny’s

Pads, Discs and Calipers

We can provide brake pads, discs and calipers for all models of cars, fitting them in our garage in Milton Keynes.

Braking System Specialists

We have more than 25 years experience and specialise in car braking systems and regular maintenance installations.

Brake Parts for All Cars

We can source parts for all vehicles. We will order them directly to us prior to your appointment to avoid delays.

Thoughts of a Previous Customer

"I needed new brake pads for my car so was expecting a bill over the £100 mark. I spoke to the owner and he talked me through the options available and I was surprised to have everything supplied and fitted for under £100. I will definitely use them again."

Lisa McDonald

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