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Car Air Conditioning Service Packages

Like all modern cars and vehicles, the in car air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance to ensure that it works properly through-out the year, especially in the summer months when the temperatures start to rise. We offer a full car air conditioning service in Milton Keynes that checks the AC units usability, replacing any filters and recharging when needed.

We can help improve you cars air conditioning with the following services:

  • Aircon Servicing
  • Aircon Recharging
  • Aircon Filter Changes

Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Services

Car Aircon Servicing

We will repair your vehicles aircon system from our garage based in Milton Keynes

Access to Reliable Parts

All parts sourced are approved by manufacturers for installation and recharging.

Ready for All Weather

A fully serviced air conditioning system works better in both the summer and winter months.

Thoughts of a Previous Customer

"After my car was serviced, the mechanics suggested that I get the air conditioning unit recharged. They re-pressurised the system and I can really see a notable difference in the AC."

Alexander Reece

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